Welcome Turtles!


On June 15, 2016 a mother painted turtle climbed out of the water and laid eggs in the soft dirt next to Ms Helen’s parents’ pond.


After she was finished, Ms Helen’s parents carefully fenced around the nest to protect the eggs from other animals, and then they waited…


Today, August 28, 2016, we decided to dig up the nest to see if the eggs had hatched because the dirt had become hard and we were afraid the baby turtles might not be able to dig out. (Pumpkin the cat thought he might be able to help).


Guess what? There WERE turtles under the dirt waiting to be freed!




13 beautiful painted turtle babies. Here is a video of us digging them out.  You can tell we were VERY excited!  We released most of them into the pond where we left them happily swimming around.  We decided to bring a few of them back to The Little Garden School to show to our students…they will be waiting for you on the first day of school!