A Day at TLGS

What is a typical day at The Little Garden School?  Good question!  Every day is as different as the children in our program, but here is the look into one day at TLGS.

8:30-9:30am- Children arrive and enjoy free play time in the classroom, playroom or gym.  Today they check on our amaryllis bulb and then run upstairs to swing on the gymnastic bars and make a fort from cardboard blocks.IMG_20160208_092735IMG_20160202_101549

9:30am- We come together for a story, art project or game.  Today, we are finger painting on foil!IMG_20160208_095012

10am- We eat a snack together and use the bathroom.  Today, Ms Andrea reads us a book called “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow” and then we suit up to go outside in our own jackets.  We slip and slide out of the backyard and into the forest behind our school.  We check out animal prints, follow footprints and hike to our favorite treasure – an abandoned swingset we found last Fall.  Near the swingset we find a new treasure…a puddle that is frozen on the top, but has air bubbles and water just below the surface.  It creaks and cracks as we jump on it and chase the bubbles around with our feet.  As we make our way back to the yard, the kids pick up sticks and we do some impromptu name writing practice in the snow.


11am- When we get cold, we come inside for some hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) and we discuss and write down some of the thing we saw in the woods.  We have been observing the woods since the late Summer and it is fun to compare the forest in different seassons.IMG_20160208_111046IMG_20160208_112157

11:30- The children play in the rice sensory bin, build with Magna Tiles and dance to some classical music while Ms Helen makes lunch – sub sandwiches, orange slices and carrots are on the menu today.IMG_20160208_112205

12:15pm- After lunch the children help to clear the dishes, wipe the table and then they get busy with some more play while the teachers finish up the dishes.  Today, the children opted to change into dress up clothes and play with the felt food in the grocery store.IMG_20160208_113506IMG_20160208_121500

1pm- We read a story or two, use the bathroom again and settle everyone onto cots for naptime.  Ms Helen sits in the rocking chair and tries not to fall asleep to the soothing nap music.  The kids eventually drift off to sleep and snooze for an hour or two- yes, really.  That is probably the most frequent question we get and all we can tell you is that yes, they really do nap. Magic!IMG_20160208_132200

3pm- The kids awake one by one and come out for some snuggles and low-key activities.  Today we have our chocolate playdough out on the table. When all the kids are awake, we have some crackers and milk for snack and then suit up to go back outside for a half hour.

4-5pm- Parents arrive to pick up their children and we say goodbye for today.  See you again soon for another fun day at school!