Licensed Early Childhood Program in Fox River Grove, IL

TLGS will be closing in June, 2022 as Ms Helen’s family moves abroad. Thank you for a wonderful 8 years!

Best of Fox River Grove 2022

Contact thelittlegardenschool@gmail.com for information

Welcome!  Here are the Basics of The Little Garden School.


  • Children ages 2 to 6 years
  • Families looking for quality early education outdoors, surrounded by a beautiful forest and gardens.
  • Parents who believe that play, exploration and loving care are the most important components in early childhood education.

Hours and Schedule for 2021-2022:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Fridays from 8-11:30am (full)
  • Tuesday, Thursdays from 8-11:30am (full)
  • Tuesday, Thursdays from 12pm-2pm (available)


  • MWF mornings (3.5 hours) $240/month
  • TTh mornings (3.5 hours) $160/month
  • TTh afternoons (2 hours) $100/month
  • TLGS is committed to making quality child care affordable for everyone and will work with parents to enable all children to attend.


  • We believe that children thrive in mixed-age settings where they can simultaneously be leaders to the younger children and learn from the older children.
  • We accept up to 12 children at a time, with 2 teachers.
  • We are a play-based school and design our curriculum around the interests of the children. We take inspiration from nature, literature, current events and the passions of our students and teachers.
  • We spend our time outdoors in all seasons in our sandbox, riding tricycles, swinging, sliding, walking, splashing and exploring our forest and gardens.
  • We do not use worksheets or follow a purchased curriculum; we use our knowledge as educators to incorporate a strong literacy and math base, scientific inquiry and social skills into the activities that spark interest in our students.
  • Example:
    • This Fall we watched chipmunks and squirrels running back and forth across our garden gathering nuts. The kids wondered what they were doing and where they were going. We explored the yard and forest behind the school to look for their dens and nests. We read about the similarities and differences between chipmunks and squirrels and learned about hibernation and how different animals deal with changing weather. We talked about how we deal with cold weather and practiced zipping and buttoning our own snow gear. The kids used our collection of animal dress-ups and played pretend in our hibernation cave. We wrote and dictated stories about Winter animals and learned the sounds that S, C and Ch make.  As the snow started to fall, we noticed that the animals had disappeared and we made guesses as to where they might be hibernating.  The children showed great interest in all of this because it was built around a question they had asked and it dealt with tangible, real animals and objects in their environment. We feel that this is true, authentic learning, and we prefer it to a boxed curriculum that dictates a theme or letter of the week that the children may or may not identify with. What questions can we ask today? What problems can we solve? What is on your mind? Sure, it makes lesson planning harder, but that challenge is what we LOVE about teaching here at The Little Garden School. What does your child love? Trains? Ponies? Mermaids? Wheels? Baseball? Let’s explore together.


  • You may register your child by filling out paperwork and making a nonrefundable $50 deposit.

E-mail: TheLittleGardenSchool@gmail.com for more information