At The Little Garden School we believe that children should be the authors of their own learning.  We do not question whether a baby will learn to crawl or a toddler learn to speak.  Neither do we expect a newborn to walk or run.  As children age, however, some parents and teachers begin to worry.  The pressure sets in to teach children more and advance them beyond the scope of their age.  Children are not vessels to be filled with knowledge, but individuals who need to be supported and encouraged as they become learners.  Just as we held their hands during those early, shaky steps, we must hold their hands and clear the way for them to learn and explore their world in their own way.  We must provide time and space, and trust that they will dig deeply into their passions.  For some children this is movement or building, for others it may be geography or maps, reading, painting or gardening. Our job is not to motivate children to learn what we think is important, but to come alongside them as they determine what is important for them. It is our joy and privilege to watch them unfold and develop as learners.

Take some time to watch this lovely video of Bev Bos and her ideas on children and learning.  She has been a great influence on the philosophy of The Little Garden School.